Quotes I started training at Nitro in 2008. Eric and Crista helped me prepare for my very first competition. I have been hooked on the fitness lifestyle ever since. At Nitro I always feel like I am part of a big fitness family. Eveyone is so supportive of each others goals. Whether it is to lose weight, improve for a sport or to get on stage in a physique competition, Nitro is the place to be. I acheived my goal of becoming an IFBB figure pro and I could have never done that without the support of Eric, Crista, and the entire Nitro family. Thank you so much! Quotes
Shala Singer

Quotes I have traveled all over the country in my 27 year career in construction and 10 years as a professional wrestler, i have trained at many gyms and can say that Nitro Fitness is by far the very best gym i have ever trained at!!! They cater to everyone from A-Z. The personal attention they give to every person that enters through there doors is unbelievable. Its about time that someone offered a gym like this at the low rate they do. just one thing to say "THANK YOU" A awesome place to train & eat healthy. KEVIN. Quotes

Quotes When a friend invited me to nitro months ago, I never imagined the journey I was beginning. That very first Zumba class had me hooked! The energy, enthusiasm, and support from the entire Nitro Family Assured me that this was the place to find a variety of fitness options, wonderful new friends, and endless encouragement and guidance from the very best instructors. I have lost weight (over 50lbs so far!), gained confidence (too great to measure); I am even doing headstands in yoga class! The healthiest first step I ever made was through the doors of Nitro Fitness. I am proud to be a Zumbalicious Nitro Gal! Tamara C. Quotes
Tamara C.
Zumbalicious Nitro Gal

Quotes I've been trying for years to lose body fat, especially around my midsection and it was finally achieved at Nitro Fitness with Hassan, my personal trainer. Hassan's plan of both strength training and sensible nutrition helped me to lose belly fat and keep myself fit. Thank you Nitro fitness and Hassan Quotes

Quotes I was in search of a gym that was a bit more affordable than the one I was at but also treated me like a person not a membership. I found everything I couldve ever hoped for and more at Nitro. Great people, reasonable membership fees, and just a wonderful atmosphere to be in. I absolutely love this gym and never plan on leaving. The owners are the best owners I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. Quotes
Stephanie Childs
Very satisfied member