A Local, Personal Fitness Community

In 2008 Eric Schmidt and Crista Carter founded more than just another gym--they created a fitness community!  Take advantage of our top notch individual service and the know-how that only a locally owned and operated gym,  can provide! 

Why Choose Nitro Fitness?

♦Looking for a gym where you can surround yourself with like-minded people.   No matter your fitness level--whether you are a beginner or an elite athlete--if you are seriously committed toward your fitness goal--we're positive, and pumped up at Nitro Fitness!  You'll reach your goal with us.

♦ We're located in the heart of business activity off of Green River Road (behind Denny's just North of the Lloyd Expressway on Plaza East Blvd) less than 5 minutes away from most East-side homes and businesses, and extended-stay hotels by car.  Your gym should be close to where you live and/or work.

♦ Every gym has it's own personality.  At Nitro Fitness you'll find both men and women who are friendly and laid back, but focused on fitness.  This is an upbeat atmosphere, but we won't waste your time with crowds of people just looking to "hang out."  At Nitro Fitness, we have fun but we're here to stay fit!


♦ Our space is packed with a complete line of cardio equipment, circuit machines and free weights to help sculpt and tone a leaner, more energetic you!  You won't see a lot of "out of order" signs or your favorite machines shuffled around.  We keep our facility clean.  We keep our machines in great working order and our members don't need to wait in line or wade through unused or unnecessary equipment.  We stay cutting edge but we work with what works!

♦ A gym should accommodate your schedule.  At Nitro Fitness we have 24 hour access (see our Location page for our complete business schedule).  Everyone has a time when working out works best--our accessibility helps our members use our facility at any time.

♦ Some gyms have high monthly fees to support amenities that sound great on paper but you find yourself never managing to use them, some have a low membership fee and then charge extra for using tennis courts, pools, classes etc. Read the fine print. Also, there are all-inclusive low priced gyms that are in the business of selling memberships and don't really care what happens after you sign up.  We've kept Nitro Fitness!  Affordable and competitive--you never pay for useless amenities or equipment you cannot use, and you keep reaching your fitness goals within your budget.

 ♦ You won't find a more responsive and interactive administration for your gym anywhere else.  Our owners and managers are on site.    You're unlikely to find a responsive and interactive administration at a chain facility at all.  Come meet our client service representatives, trainers and our owners--you can get to know us by name, and rest assured we're here to stay at Nitro Fitness.

There is no single solution for picking the ideal gym.  The key is to find a place that you feel comfortable and that you will use.  Working out is a habit that takes time to form.  We're confident that we have the accessibility, environment, knowledge, and the personal professional environment to help you reach your health and fitness goals--now, the only thing left to do is just get started! Call us today at 812-402-9900!